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Meet the Ponto Design

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Barn Doors are all the hype right now and we don’t think that will ever change. They are so practical and functionaI. It is the perfect alternative to a pocket door without the hassle of trying to go inside your wall. They can be custom built to any size and practically any design. Why wouldn’t you want a barn door? They just make sense ya know.

The barn door design I want to introduce to you is our Ponto design. It’s also happens to be one of my favorite beaches in #carlsbad. Its definitely a favorite & trendy all over the internet.

It’s been built in a variety of wood species & finishes. The perfect angles make it such a standout piece in any space. People just can’t get enough of this door and I can see why. Below are a few options we offer in this design. Check them out!


Ponto design painted: can be painted the color your choice. Most people do white, but I’ve seen it done in grey and it looks absolutely killer.

(Modern Farmhouse)


Ponto design white oak: is usually left unfinished because this wood species is light textured and gorgeous in nature. A clear coat option is available for this or we can finish it with a stain, you can see the difference below. (Modern Farmhouse)


Ponto design walnut: Enough said. We can clear coat it to enrich the grain of the wood. So gorgeous, everyone needs a walnut piece in their home.

(Traditional, Mid-Century)


Ponto design reclaimed: True reclaimed wood from a barn and kiln dried. The shades vary in brown and grey tones and is very rustic. (Rustic, Farmhouse)


Ponto design knotty alder: It’s the least expensive option and can be finished with a variety of different stains. Just because it’s cheaper doesn’t make it any less gorgeous.

(Rustic, Farmhouse)


There you have it folks. Our Ponto design. Ain’t she pretty? Maybe one day I‘ll blog on how we build this darn thing...

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